Introduction to natural building techniques- workshop


Our academy keeps growing, and it´s thanks to you. 

This May 7th and 8th, we had the fortune of sharing the Introduction to Natural Building Techniques Workshop in Green Dream Tulum with the Architect Miguel Vázquez. We learned important facts about three specific techniques; wattle and daub, rammed earth, and earthbag.

Experiencing each one with our own hands, testing the different types of soil, verifying its resistance, functioning, and clarifying doubts.

Our Love Tulum Eco-Development´s Academy wants to keep promoting these integration spaces that involves ecological consciousness for society. We want to create empathy between humans and nature, pursuing the final goal of inspiring more people to transform our Planet with their knowledge and actions. 

In this workshop, we disconnected from routine and connected with nature, learning something new about bio-construction and ourselves as we put to the test our creativity and strength.

Thanks to the ones that joined us on each workshop. We will continue generating the Green Revolution to see it grow and flourish. 

See you in the next edition!

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