Aquaponic Workshop 5.0


Sustainably generated healthy food.

On the 19th and 20th of March, we had the pleasure of enjoying the Aquaponic 5.0 Workshop, guided by two experts in this field; Carlos León Ramos, Bofish founder, and the architect Alejandro Hoyos Vallejo, developer of eco-sustainable farms and communities. Bringing together their professionalism to teach us the functioning of the bio-integrated production system on fishes, plants, worms, insects, renewable energies, and other eco-technologies. All to sustainably generate healthy food, and address issues of social and financial context that support this system.  

After the introduction, the second day was about using the materials to design these systems and putting into practice what they have learned, clarifying doubts as well. 

Our goal with this workshop, like the previous ones, is to create a bond between the experts and a community avid to take care of our planet in new ways.  That is why we keep inviting more people to join this cause, and we thank those who have been with us so far.

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