Beach Property… What You Need to Know Before Investing


Thinking of investing in a beachfront property?

 Here we share with you some details you should know before doing so:

Quintana Roo is a very attractive place to invest in real estate facing the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

It is important to consider that the 11522 km of coastlines that Mexico has are property of the federal government.

The General Law of National Assets establishes that the maritime beaches, the Zofemat, and the banks of navigable rivers are permanent property of the federal government. And that these assets are inalienable (they cannot be sold), unseizable (they cannot be seized), and imprescriptible (there is no expiration of the rights). 

It has a very broad legal framework composed of the Political Constitution of the United States of Mexico, and the laws, regulations, and official Mexican standards (NOM).

Maritime beaches are part of the land that, by virtue of the tide, covers and uncovers the seawater. From the limits of greatest ebb (low tide) to the limits of greatest annual flow (high tide).

The ZOFEMAT is the strip of 20 linear meters TRANSITABLE next to the sea, which is determined from the point of maximum high tide (it is the exact point where, when the wave breaks, the seawater comes and returns to the sea).

The General Law of National Assets establishes that access to the ZOFEMAT and maritime beaches may not be inhibited, restricted, obstructed, or conditioned. They may be enjoyed by everyone.

It also prohibits the construction and installation of elements and works that impede free transit.

The owners of lands and constructions next to the ZOFEMAT and the maritime beaches will be able to request concession or permit, for its use or exploitation.

CONCESSION: It is the title granted by the Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT), for the exclusive use or exploitation of the ZOFEMAT for a precise and extendable period of 50 years, with some exceptions.

PERMIT: This is the document that covers the use of the ZOFEMAT, for a specific activity for one year.

Before investing in real estate next to the ZOFEMAT, maritime beaches, as well as lakes, lagoons, maritime water reservoirs, artificial marinas, and navigable rivers, it is important that you seek professional advice, so that your investment is SOLID and not vulnerable.

The General Law of National Assets establishes fines and sanctions from 3000 to 12000 UMAS (89.62 pesos per UMA) to those who, by any means or act, impede, inhibit, restrict, obstruct, or condition the access to the ZOFEMAT and maritime beaches.

In Love Tulum Eco Developments through our web blog, we are and will be providing valuable information to make your investment SOLID.

In addition, you will be able to request personalized advice since our team is made of excellent Real Estate Advisors.

CATALINO MARTIN / Accredited real estate consultant in the state of Quintana Roo.

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