Natural Building Workshop In Bamboo Techniques


That was our experience


Last December, the Natural Building workshop was held on Green Dream by Love Tulum Eco Development´s construction team. The 16 attendees, guided by our experts, learned the theory and practice of everything related to bamboo. The greatness of this method relies on the multiple benefits bamboo has to offer. It is known as one of the most resistant and renewable materials in the world. 

The information regarding the harvest and treatment of its durability was shared, along with the diverse advantages, and how it works perfectly for structures, connections, and the construction of arches. Making this kind of architecture unique. 

The workshop ended with an incredible relationship between the participants and the instructors. Looking forward to collaborations, as well as the creation of regenerative communities, including the participation of professionals in the field of bioconstruction. 

Thanks to everyone that has been actively participating and improving Earth´s life quality.

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