What To Do In Tulum


What to do in Tulum…

Hello Love community, this time we share places and activities that you can enjoy in Tulum, in harmony with the spirit and nature.

We start with one of the most beautiful, healthy and eco friendly activities that you can do in Tulum and it is a bike tour.

Tulum has a bike path through the busiest areas, so you can ride through paths surrounded by jungle from the center to downtown, admire art and gastronomy and then you can continue  for all over the coast, visit the Mayan Ruins and then you can finish your tour with a beautiful sunset in the beach.

You can find several bike rental sites in Tulum, Olabike might be one of your options though.

We continue with an invitation to join the “Reciclatón” 2022, one of the activities leding by the Tulum City Council in collaboration with the General Directorate of Sustainable Urban Territorial Development and the Directorate of Environmental Planning and Climate Change with the purpose of promoting recycling and giving it new life to tons of waste.

This event takes place on the last Friday of each month throughout the year and you can check out the collection points on Facebook as the Reciclatón Tulum event. So now you already know, you can participate.

Finally, if you are looking for  connection with nature and fun as well, you can take a look Ikal Tulum Hotel, during all of April has an agenda of activities such as yoga, meditation, live music, temazcal, women’s circle and dance. You can visit them or search on instagram for all their programming, schedules and costs.


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