Why Live Surrounded By Nature


Everything has consciousness - Everything is alive

In native traditions around the world, diverse cultures such as the Maya, Inca, and Buddhists, created a genuine connection with nature, coming to understand its multiple ways of healing us.

And now, one of the serious consequences of having lost this bond is that we have become incapable of empathizing with the planet. Forgetting the fact that its well-being is our well-being.

Being aware of this, and motivated to do our bit, we developed a place where our main goal is to give back to each inhabitant that connection with nature. From the materials used for the construction of houses, to the smallest detail that makes up the project and our mission to preserve the jungle.

Green Dream Tulum is a dream come true thanks to the hard work of a great team.

We want to share with you the benefits of living surrounded by nature and therefore learn that it is possible, but above all, that it is a necessary lifestyle. As part of this planet, moving away from environmental consciousness would only lead us to rapid self-destruction.

1.Reduces stress- Stress is not only an enemy to our health, but also to future generations, as it damages our genetic material. Stress has multiple manifestations in our physical condition, such as insomnia or hypertension. Numerous studies link the reduction of cortisol (the stress hormone) to contact with nature or access to landscape images right from the office. 

One study, conducted in New York, found that school conflicts generated less psychological distress in children who had more nature nearby or in their homes.

2.-Combats depression and anxiety – Precisely because it reduces cortisol secretion, it helps to combat depression and anxiety. Scientific analyses in this field highlight that the effect is greater if it is complemented with some physical activity. Outdoor exercise also improves sleep quality. And a good night’s sleep is essential to maintain both physical and mental health.

3.- Increases your concentration- Outdoor activities help us to get distracted and relax. It is proven that in a relaxed mind there is no place for stress. Thanks to this, we can concentrate better on our daily tasks.

4.-It helps us to listen to ourselves-The colors and sounds of nature stimulate abstraction and facilitate meditation. Therefore, it helps us to connect with ourselves and reflect, generating empathy between human beings and everything around us.


Improves life expectancy- Another analysis by Harvard University showed that the mortality rate was reduced by 12% among women who lived near green environments versus others who did not.

If we add to these effects that exposure to the sun contributes to the synthesis of vitamin D and this helps to fix calcium in the bones, it is evident that contact with nature is a vaccine to maintain the good health of our being in all aspects.

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