Tulum Is Named a As The 4TH Most Trendiest Destination Among Travelers Worldwide


“Travelers Choice 2022, Best of The Best” is the title of the category in which the famous travel platform, Tripadvisor, places Tulum as the 4th trendiest destination in the world, and one of the top tourist destinations among the most popular cities for travelers.

Tulum stands out not only for its sea and colorful downtown but also for its archaeological sites and matchless beauty, which make this oasis the perfect spot to spend your vacations.

The list places 22 tourist destinations that are on the rise, from the best known, to those that are just starting to become favorites but still offer a unique experience.

Tulum is a city on Mexico’s Caribbean coast, located in Quintana Roo. It is emblematic for preserving the ruins of the ancient port of one of the most impressive civilizations in Latin America: The Mayas. The main building is a large stone structure called El Castillo, which stands on top of a rocky cliff overlooking the white sandy beaches and turquoise sea. Near the ruins is the Tulum National Park, a coastal area with mangroves and cenotes that surround Tulum.

Trending Destinations in the World:

  1. Mallorca, Islas Baleares
  2. El Cairo, Egipto
  3. Rodas, Dodecaneso
  4. Tulum, México
  5. Dubrovnik, Croacia
  6. Ibiza, Islas Baleares
  7. Natal, Brasil
  8. Arusha, Tanzania
  9. Goreme, Turquía
  10. Santorini, Cícladas
  11. Parati, Brasil
  12. Aruba
  13. Split, Croacia
  1. Playa del Carmen, México
  2. Isla de Hawái, Hawái
  3. Lúxor, Egipto
  4. República Dominicana
  5. Charleston, Carolina del Sur
  6. San Martín / Sint Maarten
  7. Atolón norte de Malé
  8. Isla de Zanzíbar, archipiélago de Zanzíbar
  9. La Fortuna de San Carlos, Costa Rica

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