A Biotechnological Pool


Throughout Love Tulum´s blog, we have shared with you details about our sustainable eco-development Green Dream Tulum, and the efforts made to create all areas in harmony with nature, implementing from start to end bio-construction techniques, natural materials, and biotechnology. 

And today we will talk about one of our amenities, in which we can get to know more of each of the elements mentioned above: the pool.

As we can see in the images, we used the Earthbag technique. This consists of overlapping sacks filled with soil from the region, placing a barbed wire between each row to hold them together, and ending with the placement of buttresses to give stability and reinforcement to the construction.

Moving on to biotechnology – the key to talking about sustainability – we implemented a water treatment system based on electrolysis, which avoids the use of chemicals such as chlorine and others that affect health.  

Electrolyzed water contributes to the sanitation of viruses and bacteria.

Green Dream Tulum is a clear example of how architecture and sustainability can go hand in hand, creating a lifestyle in harmony with nature.


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