Green Dream Tulum Grand Opening


Our Sustainable Eco Development Green Dream Tulum was Inaugurated this September 13th, and this is how we experienced it.

It all started at 4 pm. We welcomed our residents, collaborative partners, brokers, vendors, friends, colleagues, and each one of you with a small present so that nothing would stop you from enjoying the event.

At the Snake, we were able to share with you the project´s brochure with Cinzia Albertazzi, our sales director.

Then we enjoyed different activities happening simultaneously: A yoga session in the multipurpose palapa, aquatic exercises in the pool for the little ones of the family, an organic market in the barbecue area, and a delicious vegan feast of Mexican snacks and refreshing cocktails.

Moments later we continued with a sound healing session in the palapa, a music therapy that uses sounds to calibrate our vibrational frequencies, helping to release blockages and emotions.

In the evening we were spectators of a beautiful hoop acrobatics act with the theme of the legend of the Toh bird, a beautiful bird that lives in the cenotes and inspired this show.

The most awaited moment arrived: An emotional ribbon cutting in the hands of our CEO, David Kaplan, mastermind of the project and partners, as well as municipal authorities and members of the honorable city council of Tulum that officially inaugurated the Green Dream Tulum.

The night went on to enjoy music and dancing, celebrating this great project.

There was no better way to celebrate than enjoying each of the amenities in the company of the people who made it possible.

Thanks to everyone who joined us for making it an unforgettable night.

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