Investment in Ejido Land


What are Ejido Land and what are you know about that:

One of the many real estate products offered to real estate investors in Quintana Roo is ejido land.

Ejido lands are areas of land that the federal government gave (donated) to indigenous and very poor people to work for the support of their families.

The ejido has autonomy and a legal personality. The supreme authority is the assembly of communal landholders. The ejido’s representative and administrative authorities are the ejido commissariat and the supervision committee.

The ejido has three land divisions, as follows:

Human settlements: these are the plots of land where the communal landholders or members of the ejido live with their families. Each communal landholder has the right to one plot of land.

Parcels: these are the lands assigned to each communal landholder to work and support their families.

Land for common use: Land destined for the ejido’s economic support. The ejido’s internal regulations and the communal landholder’s assembly regulate their use, exploitation, and conservation.

Ejido lands are not for sale, based on three principles:

Collective principle: the land is the total property of the ejido. The common landholders only have the use, exploitation, and usufruct.

Family principle: the land was given to the common landholders to work for the benefit of their families.

Principle of indivisibility: these lands cannot be partitioned or divided into lots; they are only assigned.

A third party (a person who is not a common landholder or member of an ejido) can do business with a common landholder, as follows:

Sharecropping contract.

A contract of association. 

Ejido lease contract.

Partnership (civil or mercantile)

The interested third party must first present its production project for review and authorization. It is authorized by the Agrarian Attorney’s Office and the common landholder’s assembly.

The common landholder can have his parcel cease to be ejido property and become private property, by requesting Full Ownership from the common landholder´s assembly.

Full Ownership is the possibility for the common landholder to fully dispose of his assigned parcel on an individual basis and no longer collectively.

When the common landholder’s assembly authorizes Full Ownership, they register the assembly in the National Agrarian Registry (R.A.N.), a federal agency that issues the property title and registers it in the Public Registry of Property and Commerce.

This land ceases to be ejido land and becomes private land and will be regulated by common law. And the ejido removes it from its inventory.

It is very important that if you are offered to invest in an ejido land, ask for professional advice and avoid making your investment vulnerable.

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