Building Progress July 2022


We are almost a month away from the official delivery of our Eco-Development Green Dream Tulum to its owners, so they can start building their homes and enjoy this dream. 

July has been a very significant month for our construction progress, and we will tell you a little bit more about all the latest updates.

We begin by sharing with you that the water service, which is essential, is now 100% available for all areas and lots.

At the same time, the electricity installation process is at its 60% and we are still working on it to finish as soon as possible.

The amenities and common areas are almost ready!

The reception almond is now fully covered with a synthetic palm made of recycled and non-flammable plastics for safekeeping, that still maintains a very natural look.

The swimming pool is already active. Here you can learn all the details about its construction and functioning that makes it a pool out of this world.

The deck, made of recycled plastic and coffee beans, is currently installed around it. An interesting combination, both sustainable and beautiful to the eye.

Good news for the kids! The playground is done and is located next to what will soon be the calisthenics gym.

Behind it, we can see the grill area, destined for the grills and picnic tables, which status is at 50% complete.

On the other hand, the structure of our multipurpose palapa made entirely of bamboo, which makes it super resistant and stable, is almost ready and we will continue to move forward. 

In other news, we keep carrying on completing the common areas with bathrooms made with bio-construction techniques. 

Superadobe or Earthbag technique, bamboo construction, and natural finishes are fundamental in all our eco-development.

We are very happy with each of the advances achieved so far and excited for the road ahead.

See you soon with more news to share with you! 

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