Updates on the Construction Progress of Casa Olas


We are pleased to share the exciting advancements in the construction of Casa Olas! So far, the project has reached 90% of its development, and we are getting closer each day to seeing the culmination of this incredible effort.

Natural and Sustainable Walls

The walls of Casa Olas have been plastered with an innovative mix that includes local earth, nopal cactus mucilage, and natural fibers. This method not only provides a robust structure but also maintains a rustic aesthetic that harmonizes with the natural surroundings. The combination of these materials reflects our commitment to sustainability and respect for local resources.

Roofs of earth and natural fibers

The roofs are already completely covered with natural material composed of earth and cane fibers. This material is eco-friendly and offers excellent insulating properties, helping maintain a pleasant temperature inside the house. We have applied a waterproofing solution made from recycled tires to ensure durability and moisture protection. This solution is effective and also contributes to waste reduction.

Progress on the Second Level

We are currently advancing with installing the second level floor, which is made of wood. The choice of this material not only adds warmth and elegance to the interior spaces but also aligns with our vision of using natural and sustainable materials throughout the construction.

The excitement to see the final result of Casa Olas grows with each passing day. We are eager to share with you the finished product, a home that will not only be a cozy refuge but also an example of sustainable and harmonious construction with nature.

Thank you for following us on this journey. We will soon show you the final result, and we can’t wait for you to see the culmination of this beautiful project!

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