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In this edition, we want to share with you the work of a Mexican woman dedicated to the cultivation of medicinal plants and food who, with her experience, has transformed her life and that of others into a place of love, conscience, and health.

"Hello, I'm Raquel Garza...

I studied electronics and communications engineering, but more than 10 years ago I discovered my passion for Agriculture, which also led me to discover Handmade Natural Cosmetics."

Life led me to closeness with my being and the harmony that comes with being in balance with the environment and contact with nature.

-“I stopped doing what I had to do and began to allow myself to rediscover what I want to do”

This is how learning came to me, making soap at home and studying biodynamic and organic agriculture.

I am currently dedicated to making and selling natural personal hygiene products and handmade cosmetics with many of the plants that I grow in my gardens, I also advise, plan, and build organic vegetable gardens, medicinal plants, milpa, and fruit trees; and within all these activities I have been able to go hand in hand with the study of bioconstruction, harvesting, and cultivation of edible mushrooms, making kombucha, ferments and preserves and more things that I will share with you about the beautiful universe that has made it possible for me to know of it.

The study on the earth let me know that each living being has a job to perform in this life, however small it may be; an insect, a larva, or a microorganism; They play a very important role in balance and for everything to work in harmony.

The Ants, which so many people hate, are great indicators that there is a shortage or excess of something in your garden. If they eat your plant very carefully, it means that it is raining, or that it is dry. Or if you see them in your garden leaving aphids (aphids) it is because your plant is weak and what corresponds to it is that the insect, in turn, eats it and kills it because it is its life cycle. So what can you do, instead of killing every bug that gets in your way; It is being an observer and, in this case, nurturing your plant so that it is not weak or sick and is not attacked by insects dedicated to eating plants that are no longer useful.

Everything is in balance, the ladybugs appear, which are carnivorous and devour aphids, they help to balance the “plague”, but they do not eat all the aphids, since they leave some to eat the next day; The problem here is that aphids reproduce very quickly.

If your plague is very large, you can help yourself with these tips that I share with you:

Tip 1: Make an infusion of all or any of these plants: onion, garlic, wormwood, fumigating the plants for 5 days in a row. It must be taken into account that the environment in which it is applied is dry and sunny;

Tip 2: Plant repellent plants in your garden: rosemary, lavender, mint, coriander, sage, basil, and Melisa.

I hope my experience helps you, see you in the next blog where I will share more tips and advice.


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