“The fascinating history of Tulum: from ancient Mayan city to trendy tourist destination.”


Tulum is a very popular tourist destination located on the Caribbean coast of Mexico. But before becoming the trendiest tourist destination in recent years, Tulum has a fascinating history dating back more than a thousand years.

Tulum was founded by the Mayans around 564 A.D. and it is believed that its original name was Zama, which means “dawn” in the Mayan language. The city was built on a hill by the sea and was protected by a three-sided wall, with a fourth natural wall due to the slope of the hill.

During its heyday, Tulum was an important commercial and religious center for the Maya. It is believed that its temples and palaces were decorated with brilliant sculptures and paintings depicting the Mayan gods. The city was also used as an important seaport for the export of jade, turquoise, and quetzal feathers.

In the 15th century, the Spanish arrived in the Yucatán Peninsula and began to colonize the region. In 1518, Juan de Grijalva, the first Spanish explorer to arrive in Tulum, was impressed by the beauty of the city and called it “the most beautiful place I have ever seen in the world”.

Despite the Spanish attempts to conquer Tulum, the city continued to resist and maintain its independence for several centuries. It was not until the 1800s that Tulum was finally abandoned by the Maya.

For much of the 20th century, Tulum was a small fishing and farming village. But in recent decades, it has experienced a renaissance as a tourist destination. Its unique combination of well-preserved Mayan ruins and beautiful white sand beaches make it a world-class tourist destination.

Today, Tulum is known for its eco-chic architecture and design, beautiful beaches, and vibrant dining scene. Visitors can explore Tulum’s Mayan ruins, swim in subway cenotes, enjoy local cuisine, and relax on white sand beaches. It is a magical place that combines past and present uniquely and fascinatingly.

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